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Some general things to remember are:

  • Plan ahead. Remember that summer is the busiest time of the year for movers. If you have a choice about when you move, try to avoid the busy time between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  • Schedule smartly. Try to plan your move in the middle of the month and you will have a much higher chance of getting the exact day and time you would like to move in or out. The beginning and end of each month are always hectic and some moves are booked months in advance.
  • Protect what matters. Moving companies are required by law to carry insurance on the contents of our trucks. This minimal insurance will not cover the replacement value of most of your furniture or other special items. You may wish to purchase replacement insurance or shipper declared value insurance. Our representative will gladly go over these options and the relevant costs with you prior to your moving day.
  • Make arrangements for hazardous materials.We are unable to move any hazardous materials on our trucks. If you have any doubt about a certain material please do not hesitate to ask about it in advance. Things like Sterno, fire extinguishers, aerosols, chemistry sets, propane tanks, paint thinner and pesticides will have to be moved some other way.

Don’t Be a Victim!

There are moving companies out there who regularly engage in unprofessional behavior. These companies, known as rogue movers are usually neither licensed nor insured, and often demand more money than what was agreed-upon once they have your goods on their truck. Here are some things you can do to make sure you are dealing with a professional, licensed, and fully insured moving company:

  • Get a cost estimate in writing before you hire a mover. A walk-through of your home or office is the most accurate way of getting a realistic quote.
  • Don’t forget that the lowest bid may not always be the best bid. Unethical movers often increase their prices by adding charges for such things as wrapping breakables or using padded blankets. We provide these services free of charge.
  • Rogue movers often use the internet to gain business by using moving brokers that offer to connect you to a moving company.
  • Ask for references: previous customers that you can call and speak with.
  • If you have doubts about your mover being legitimate, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Your mover should have displayed on his truck(s) his North Carolina Utilities Commission number (sometimes called a C number – ours is C2432). This number is issued only to companies that are certified and licensed by the state of North Carolina to operate a moving company.
  • Your mover should also be able to provide you with insurance information if requested.
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